Virtual Shopping Advising

We would be honored to help you with your decorating shopping needs with our online interior design shopping services that helps you design your home.

Using an interior designer can help you create a picture-perfect and convenient space whether you’re moving to a new home or just need to style a room or space.  

But sometimes it could be time-consuming and can cost you thousands of dollars (on top of everything you have to buy), so it’s not ideal for some cases. Fortunately, our virtual shopping advising service exists so you can virtually work with a shopping adviser for a much lower cost and for much faster results.

Meet with your virtual shopping advisor.

Retro Design NYC Virtual Shopping Service is the vision of Interior Designer, Home Stager and Floral Designer Feray Alpay. Her background as a professionally trained interior designer and over 20 years of experience give her a unique approach to design and styling which is choreographing colors and textures to create nicely organized spaces.

So whether you love a look that's elegant and natural, chic and modern or rustic and organic, Retro Design NYC is tailored to fit your style. The result of our craft is an exceptional luxury that is tailored and timeless. 

When it comes to making a lasting impression, it’s crucial to use the right combination of images, accessories, arts, colors and fabrics and animation to create a stylish and visually appealing design that also tells a story. We’re highly committed to visual quality as well as usability and work with all of our clients to ensure their needs are met. Also we are here to create a one-of-a-kind portrait of who you are, how you live and what you love.

It’s no secret that online shopping is on the rise and in demand. And while online shopping has its advantages, that doesn’t make it any easier to figure out what to buy when you’re not sure if it'd look nice in your room, apartment or office.

There are two different kinds of shoppers that need a higher level of assistance:

  • The shopper who knows what he/she wants, but cannot find it.
  • The shopper who knows his/her own tastes or needs but not sure which product is best suited to them.

Do not worry, we are ready to help you with both issues.

As a virtual shopping consultant our aim is goal-oriented and that ignites our creativity and resourcefulness. Our customers can expect luxury, creativity, flexibility, sophistication, integrity and reliability from us.

No matter the size of the project the goal is always the same; to make your personal style shine. We provide new inspiration and ideas, while incorporating elements of your liking into every concept we present.

We provide research from all around the world for art, accessories, furniture and etc. suitable for your needs and budget.

How it works :

We’re the online service that combines the expertise and personalization you get from working with a real designer with the power of virtual style.

1. Show Us Your Space

Take a few photos,  and tell us about your needs.

2.  Help Us Get to Know You

Interior design and styling are personal so we want to get to know you. Learn about your space and your needs and the needs of anyone else (children, pets, partners) who live there with you or what kind of business you have. Our style quiz tells us more details about your need, budget, schedule and lifestyle. Once we have all your info, our designers will get to work creating, designing and searching and give you the alternatives you’ll love.

3. Expert Stylist Advice and Shopping

We search for accessories, art objects or furniture that suitable for the design of your room, your style and your budget until you’re happy and satisfied. 

4. Shop with Confidence.

Shop your look directly from your designs in one easy checkout with exclusive discounts or let us do it for you. Our dedicated order management team will coordinate all your purchases and any returns or exchanges. We’ll keep you updated on the status of all your items so all you have to do is get excited for your new room!

Would you like to learn more about our service offerings ? 

Are you ready for styling and shopping ? 

We are so excited to hear from you and we look forward to working with you.