Feray Alpay is an award winner Interior Designer who comes From Turkey: The land of cultural diversity.

The source of her inspiration is the city that she spent her youth: Istanbul. 

Istanbul is an endless source of inspiration for interior design with the cultural richness it has.

This source of the mingling of the cultures is reflected in her designs as a balance of elegance, sophistication and quality. As a result she creates rare and exceptional designs which brought her the ‘’Excellency in Design Award’’ in 2017.

Working as an interior designer and decorator for nearly 20 years, Feray Alpay has proved herself as a creative force within the design world. Involved in more than 100 projects across Turkey, Europe and The United States, Alpay has not only taken on projects involving homes, offices, fair booths and shops, but has also gained international recognition for her furniture and packaging designs. 

Feray Alpay, has an O1 visa from the United States of America for “people who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field’’. In addition to her previous education in Interior Design, she has completed the Feng Shui Consultancy and Home Staging workshops at the “International Association of Professions Career College” as well as the Floral Designer workshop at the “Flower School New York” in the last two years.

Showing her originality in design, Alpay owns a patent for one of her packaging designs and is continuing her work for two new ones. 

In 2017 she has received the “Excellence in Design Award” by the Izmir Arts, Culture and Design Foundation and is currently pursuing new design projects. 

Alpay has established a, nearly 20 years old, Istanbul based interior design company Retro Dekorasyon Yapı Hiz.Gida Turizm Tekstil San Tic Ltd Sti and when her designs rapidly announced the name in the design world, she has founded a sister design company Retro Design LLC , in New York 2017.

The New York based Design Company Retro Design LLC works mainly in interior design as well as home staging, feng shui consulting and floral and event design. Retro Design LLC serves customers all around the world, offering projects, designs, and styling.


Currently residing in New York, Feray Alpay has not only have active projects across Turkey and the U.S. she has also formed an online concept store which designers like herself are showcased with products ranging from home and office accessories to table and event decoration.


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Alpay is also planning to have workshops on flower arrangement design, feng shui and home staging in Turkey and New York in the near future.

For any questions or more detailed information about Feray Alpay’s current projects and previous work please contact the email below.